May 2nd 2017

Not long to go until Techtextil 2017…

Not long to go until Techtextil 2017…


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In May, the VeriVide team will be heading over to Frankfurt in Germany to exhibit at this year’s Techtextil 2017. The event runs from the 9th – 12th May and is known as being the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens.

Never heard of Techtextil 2017?

Techtextil showcases the latest in textile technologies and their motto is ‘Connecting the Future’. Exhibitors travel from across the globe to present their textile innovation to visitors.

Did you know – Techtextil is run during Texprocess which is the leading international trade fair for processing textile and flexible materials.

Techtextil is worldwide, events aren’t just held in Frankfurt, last year it was held in Atlanta, North America and previous events held in places such as Mumbai India, Shanghai China, Moscow Russia etc.

What industries would benefit from this event?

The variety of products and services offered by Techtextil exhibitors is expressed by twelve areas of application. As a useful orientation aid pictographs at the stands show visitors the areas of application for which the displayed products can be used such as Agrotech (agriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape gardening), Clothtech (shoe and clothing manufacture, Hometech (manufacture of furniture, upholstery, floor coverings and carpets) etc. The Techtextil website has the full list of industry applications.

Already heading to Techtextil 2017?

To make the most out of your visit, why not check the complete Techtextil 2017 events calendar, so that you can plan your schedule.

What are we exhibiting?

This year we will be exhibiting our colour assessment cabinet (CAC) 60-5 (which is part of our CAC range) and DigiEye (which can be used to assess colour for practically all industries).

Our CAC range is much more than just a box of lights

At first glance, our CAC range may just appear as a box of lights. We have seen products in the marketplace similar to our CAC range that have also had this assumption and attempted to replicate our range of products.

Unlike replicas of our products, our ‘box of lights’ ensures a controlled standardised light for viewing samples and this is achieved by taking two factors into consideration, colour temperature (Kelvin (K) and colour rendering index (CRI).

What is colour temperature?

Colour temperature describes the colour appearance of the light and can vary along with its spectral power distribution. Lower colour temperatures appear warmer whereas higher colour temperatures appear cooler.

What is colour rendering index?

Colour rendering index is a numerical system that ensures how well colours are rendered by a lamp in comparison to a reference light source. CRI is measured on an index from 1 – 100. 100 is exact match and the lower the value, the poorer the colour rendering. The standardised VeriVide D65 (artificial daylight) has a rating of 98 whereas CWF (Cool White Broad Band Fluorescent Lamp (American Point of Sale)) has a rating of 62.

Why does this matter?

Let’s take two different light sources as an example. The VeriVide 840P15 and the CWF Cool White sources both have a colour temperature of 4000k. However, if you took two samples, they could look different as the CRI is different. The VeriVide 840P15 is 85% whereas CWF Cool White is 62%.

Colour requirements for manufacture and retail are complex and diverse. To ensure the correct product colour, several types of light source are used (e.g. Artificial Daylight, Point of Sale Light etc.) Multiple light sources are also necessary to reveal colour inconsistencies and metamerism. For many products, it is critical to ensure components are assessed under the same illuminants, using defined procedures, in a controlled viewing environment, by everyone in the supply chain. This ensures standardised and repeatable colour assessment.

Talk to us…

If you would like to talk one of the VeriVide team then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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