April 7th 2021

What do I need to operate DigiEye?


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To operate DigiEye you will need a DigiEye cube, either 700mm or 1300mm, a Windows 7 PC and an Eizo 248 Monitor.

The computer must meet or exceed the following specification:

  • Processor:
    Core i5 or i7 Processor
    (AMD processors are not permissible)
  • Memory:
    8GB Ram
  • Hard Drive:
    120 Gb HDD Minimum
    (For large storage of images and faster processing it is recommended to purchase larger capacity hard drive, faster processor and higher RAM)
  • Graphics Card:
    1 GB Minimum
  • Ports:
    Minimum of 4 x USB ports, preferably USB2
  • Accessories:
    Windows compatible Keyboard & Mouse
  • Internet Connection:
    Highly recommended for remote technical support
  • Supported Operating System:
    Windows 7 (32 Bit or 64 Bit) (full features available to Windows 7 users only)
  • Video Interface:
    4K Video Output DP (Display Port) or HDMI Output – MUST HAVE THIS OUTPUT from the graphics card
  • Optical Drive:
    DVDRW (DVD & CD read and write)

VeriVide are currently working on full compatibility for Windows 10.

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