April 7th 2021

Do I still need a Spectrophotometer?


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DigiEye was not designed to replace a spectrophotometer, but to offer a solution that works for products which cannot be handled easily by a Spectrophotometer. There are many products and substrates that a Spectrophotometer cannot measure because they are not flat or they are speckled or multi coloured. DigiEye can measure practically anything and has the advantage that it also provides a colour calibrated image for remote viewing.

Unlike spectrophotometers which average out colour data, DigiEye can pinpoint a single point to measure and can also map any variations from the known standard. This makes it adept at measuring patterns, twist carpet and food ingredients or components within food such as the proportion of fruit in yoghurt or a cereal mixture. These are all substrates that cannot be measured with conventional instruments.

Using a DigiEye, a traditional lightbox or VisionView and a spectrophotometer in tandem offers a full solution for almost every application. No system offers the full solution, but you can be confident in your colour and product appearance assessment if you apply this all-encompassing solution.

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