June 12th 2023

Can I retro fit LED in my CAC?


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No, we do not retro fit LED lighting into CAC light booths. LED retrofit light tubes for replacement of fluorescent lamps in offices or homes are unsuitable for light booths.

This is because they are not made to a tight tolerance to CIE illuminants.  Rather than LED retro fit we recommend investing in VeriVide’s new LED technology.

This works to tighter tolerances than other aftermarket LED alternatives and does not suffer from the fringing effect associated with alternative systems.

Need LED “Point of Sale” (POS) light only? The product for you is the CAC LED light booth which contains traditional fluorescent light sources. You then choose one LED from four of the most common LED POS light sources: – colour temperatures 3000k, 3100k, 3500k and 4000k. Ask the retailer for their LED specification or send a sample to be measured at VeriVide.

If you prefer to future proof your colour assessment then the new UltraView light booth is pre programmed with multiple switch sets, each switch set has up to 8 tuneable LED light sources. Say goodbye to having several light booths if you supply multiple retailers. Now you can have all the possible POS light sources in one light booth as well as D65, D50 for your packaging, UV and A.

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