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Image: VeriVide CAC-LED P.O.S 60-5 

VeriVide has this month released their first foray into LED colour assessment technology with the new CAC-LED P.O.S, which has been designed to help brands protect sales in light of in-store lighting changes.

LED in-store lighting is the next technology designed to save retailers money and lessen their environmental impact. However, as this lighting has different colour properties to previous technology such as fluorescent and halogen lighting, product manufacturers that are concerned with visual appearance must visually assess under an LED P.O.S light source to avoid costly metameric matches and visual inconsistencies between design and physical product. For designers, buyers, brand managers and suppliers, LED P.O.S is a must-have solution to ensure colour consistency and desired visual appearance for products and packaging in store.

Image: Colour inconstancy in the same sample under different light sources

If products or samples are not assessed under LED P.O.S lighting, and issues are missed, brands and retailers can suffer from reduced sales and increased product returns. For manufacturers, this could mean fines and loss of contracts, and for both retailers and manufacturers, this can result in a loss of confidence and a hit to a brand’s hard-earned reputation.

To combat this, retailers and manufacturers should visually assess samples or products under closely matched LED P.O.S lighting in a standardised lighting environment. VeriVide has developed a light cabinet incorporating LED point of sale light sources to a tight tolerance and traditional standardised lighting to offer a solution to a worldwide issue.

“VeriVide’s CAC-LED P.O.S is an exciting development to a ubiquitous product in visual and colour assessment. We held back from developing an LED light source until we were confident that we could provide a quality point of sale solution for our customers, offering tighter tolerances than what is currently available in the market.

LED lighting is a fantastic option for many retail stores, offices and homes as it can save vast sums of money and is less impactful on the environment. However, we have found our customers can often miss out on valuable sales or suffer from metameric failure after changing their in-store lighting, as products and samples are not visually assessed under the correct conditions” said VeriVide Product Development Manager, Stephen Tongue.

“Brands are constantly searching for ways in which to improve the quality of their offering, with significant investments being made to ensure quality products. However, something as simple as viewing products or samples under the wrong lighting conditions can have detrimental financial consequences for businesses”.

Image: Further colour inconstancy under P.O.S and LED lighting 

The current environment has moved quicker than worldwide standards such as ISO. VeriVide has been proactive in their development of a number of LED P.O.S lighting options that replicate popular LED in-store lighting to tighter tolerances to retrofit alternatives. VeriVide is now confident in the quality of LED technology and our development of it and we are intent on ensuring we reach ISO standards when they are released.

In order to ensure consistency of appearance and colour throughout the supply chain, retailers and brands will need to provide their LED lighting specifications to VeriVide who will then use their colour expertise to provide a closely matched LED solution, ensuring that colour assessment is undertaken in the best possible environment.

If you wish to find out more about how VeriVide can help you assess under LED P.O.S lighting, please contact or download our datasheet:

VeriVide will be better able to assist your enquiries if you provide your in-store LED lighting specifications


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