Colour Assessment Cabinets LED P.O.S

In-store LED lighting whilst more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, has created colour communication problems for brands and retailers. Some in-store LED lights do not render colour accurately and others render colour differently to traditional fluorescent Point of Sale lighting. Both of these create problems for accurate colour communication and customer satisfaction.

If you sell products or your products are sold under LED in-store lighting, it is vital that you incorporate this into your visual colour assessment. 

VeriVide developed the LED-CAC to combat these issues created by new LED in-store lighting.

  • Colour Assessment Cabinet LED P.O.S. meet or surpass ISO 3664 and BS 950 Part 1 international standards.
  • VeriVide’s LED technology works to tighter tolerances than other aftermarket LED alternative and does not suffer from the fringing effect associated with alternative systems
  • VeriVide 's LED technology avoids traditional concerns with flickering, which disrupts visual assessment and the operator’s ability to make accurate colour decisions.
  • The finish of the CAC LED is the Munsell N5 standard. Alternatively, the Munsell N7 can be used upon request.

For the ultimate result of colour assessment, we recommend the most suitable LED from our range to match the Retailer’s specifications for LED point of sale. All LED cabinets are available with 1 of the below LED POS Light sources.

LED POS Lighting options
VeriVide Code Correlated Colour Temperature Colour Rendering Index
L40-8 4000K 80CRI
L35-8 3500K 80CRI
L30-8 3000K 80CRI
L31-9 3100K 90CRI

The LED-POS cabinet is suitable for textile and retail brands and companies. 

Datasheet Download:

VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets LED Point of Sale

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  • Meet or surpass ISO 3664 and BS 950 Part 1
  • The finish of CAC LED is the Munsell N5 standard. Munsell N7 is also available upon request.
  • Available with a choice of light sources, let VeriVide know your LED P.O.S specifications and we will seek to closely match these - see Lamp options
  • The CAC-LED range is available in 2 sizes; 1200 and 600mm
  • Incorporate advanced features include servicing indicator, auto sequence, warm-up, power save and data storage facility
  • VeriVide's tight tolerance LED P.O.S lighting can, in most cases, be closely matched to your in-store LED lighting, helping avoid new metameric mismatches and poor visual product appeal (which may negatively affect sales)
  • VeriVide's LED P.OS cabinets offer the same flexibility as a standard CAC as customers can choose between a number of POS light sources, incandescent bulbs and UV for assessing optical brighteners
  • Detect new metamerism associated with LED lighting
  • LED modules last up to 10 x longer than fluorescent lamps

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