May 14th 2020

VeriVide’s donation of PPE to support front-line workers

VeriVide’s donation of PPE to support front-line workers


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After 7 weeks lockdown, people with essential jobs such as NHS nurses and doctors, delivery drivers or grocery clerks are still risking their lives to provide us with services crucial for our survival.

As there is still a critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), here at VeriVide we could not ignore the call for help. We are proud to be able to use our equipment to support the front-line community by joining 3D Crowd UK. They have coordinated a huge movement to equip NHS hospitals and front-line workers with face shields and headbands.

VeriVide’s donation of PPE

VeriVide purchased the material and several members of staff gave up their free time to voluntarily operate the laser cutter and 3D printer to produce the headbands and face shields used in the manufacture of the Face Masks.

VeriVide’s donation of PPE enabled 1,600 face shields and 10 3D printed headbands of high quality to be delivered so far to 3D Crowd UK. We will be delivering another 2,380 face shields and 36 headbands tomorrow, helping 3D Crowd to fulfil the orders within the Leicestershire area for 3,700 masks. We are enthused that the dispatched Face Masks have been delivered to Glenfield Hospital which was in short supply of PPE.

About 3D Crowd

3D Crowd UK has responded outstandingly to the UK Emergency for 3D Printed Face Masks, bringing together over 8,000 volunteers who have 3D Printers and or Laser Cutters as individuals or companies. Fulfilling the demand for PPE by production of  face shields, elastic and headbands.

Until now, 3D Crowd UK has dispatched 136,771 Face Masks. The effort from the volunteers that have helped 3D Crowd to meet the goal is magnificent. However, the goal has been set to reach 250,000 Face Masks to enable every essential front-line employee to work with the best possible protection.

It is wonderful how in a situation like this we can stand together and fight in every possible way for people’s health. With that goal in mind, we will continue to support 3D Crowd UK to fulfil the demand for PPE.

If you want to contribute to this exceptional movement, please find more information here. Every help is welcomed from 3D Crowd Printing, even a small donation of money would help to order materials.

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