October 14th 2016

Showcasing our Luminaire (VL) at ITMA Asia + CITME 2016

Showcasing our Luminaire (VL) at ITMA Asia + CITME 2016


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At this year’s ITMA Asia + CITME 2016, we will be showcasing our Luminaire (VL)! In case this is the first time you are hearing of ITMA Asia + CITME 2016, you can read our earlier blog post to find out more.

Come and see us, during the event you will be able to find us in Hall 5, Stand F43!

What is the Luminaire (VL)?

The Luminaire (VL) is designed to help optimise colour viewing in the work area as it provides a perfect alternative to natural daylight together with standardised reproduction of Point of Sale (POS) lighting. The Luminaire (VL) is extensively used within industries such as textile, printing, surface coatings, and design studios, where colour assessment and physical appearance is crucial.

Do you check fabrics under the right lighting conditions?

Many professionals in the industries listed above will make crucial colour decisions in lighting conditions which are not standard, meaning issues may well arise when the product goes to retail.

The Luminaire (VL) offers an option of a maximum of two different light sources which allows colour evaluation to be undertaken in standardised Daylight and or Point of Sale illuminants giving colour consistency right through product cycle from all the way to the customer.

How does the Luminaire (VL) work?

Luminaires (VL) are available with single or dual light source model. Typically, a luminaire will include one of the Daylight light sources from either D65 at 6500K or D50 and 5000K.

In most applications (where there is a need to maintain colour consistency and quality) D65 lamps should be specified. Wherever viewing conditions for the graphic technology and photographic industries ate to be undertaken, D50 lamps should be used.

Saying this, the luminaire (VL) may be configured with any two standardised light sources from the following options:

  • D65 – CIE D65 (Artificial Daylight, 6500K,) conforming to ISO 23603 CIES012/E
  • D50 – CIE D50 (Artificial Daylight, 5000K,) conforming to ISO 3664:2009
  • 840 – (VeriVide 840-P15, 4000K)
  • U35 – (Ultralume 35, 3500K)
  • 830 – (3000K)

Other features of the Luminaire (VL)

  • Variable light intensity – As an option, each light source can be fully dimmable allowing the luminaire to meet applicable standards requiring either a specific light intensity or a range of different intensities.
  • Standardised light output – The highly reflective light scattering interior distributes the light evenly across the viewing area and minimises any colour change in the emitted light, ensuring the high quality of the VeriVide light source is uncompromised. The luminaire also incorporates high-frequency electronic ballasts, enabling an instant, flicker-free illumination, and silent operation.
  • Installation to any viewing angle – Each luminaire is fitted with four suspension brackets enabling the unit to be positioned and installed at any angle. (The suggested distance from the diffuser of the luminaire to the bench surface is 1200mm but this may need to be varied according to the required intensity and the application.)
  • Optimised diffusion – The specialist diffuser allows consistent even illumination and eliminates light pattern created by other diffusion methods such as prismatic glass, which can be a distraction to accurate visual evaluation of colour.
  • Easy Service and Maintenance – Servicing and lamp replacement is made simple thanks to the easy-access hinged lower section. Also integrated are separate time elapsed meters for each light source to schedule replacement lamps at the end of 2000 hours.

If you are attending ITMA Asia + CITME 2016, come and find us in Hall 5, Stand F43 and we will be able to give you a demonstration!

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