April 17th 2017

Seeing colour in a big way – Pantone introduces TPG sheets

Seeing colour in a big way – Pantone introduces TPG sheets


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If you are a product designer or brand owner, Pantone’s recently launched TPG sheets are for you, as they allow designers to get their hands on all of the 2,310 fashion, home and interiors colours on 8.5” X 11” lacquered sheets.

TPG sheets offer designers a versatile colour representation which is essential when designing, creating and launching a new product. These are specifically for use in designing and matching hard goods no matter what industry; home, nursery, ceramics, painted surfaces, cosmetics, fashion accessories, buttons, leather etc.

TPG sheets are produced using the same process and exacting colour standards as other Pantone products, such as the Color Guides and Color Specifier, however they provide designers with a much larger area of colour to play with.

Larger area of colour that will help with inspiration, specification, communication and of course production!

Before TPG sheets we know you have struggled with using the small Color Specifier chips as the colour area is too small and you have had to purchase multiple pages to get enough samples of one colour even if you don’t want the other 6 colours on the page.  Or you have need to purchase fabric swatches and try to visualise them on ceramic or plastic.

After TPG sheets buy a large sheet of the colour you require and then hang it up, wrap it around or cut large strips or chips to send to your suppliers.

Helping with inspiration

Build your own colour palette in a big way. TPG sheets allow designers to review colours from a distance, which is harder with the smaller paper chips. Alternatively, you can review colours in your palette together.

Helping with specification

Use and view colour in a new and exciting way with TPG sheets. Designers can wrap or fold a sheet of colour around their product and have a better idea of how the product will look. It doesn’t matter whether the product is curved or flat!

Helping with communication

Larger TPG sheets allow designers to communicate colour through mood boards and presentations in a bigger way with both internal teams and external clients. Sheets can also be cut up or chipped out with 1” X 1” printed gridlines on the back.

Helping with production

Ideal for both quality control and colour matching, TPG sheets allow designers to view more colour at once. Easily compare the sheet with your finished product and have more confidence that it matches your intended colour.

Get your hands on the new Pantone TPG sheets…

Individual Pantone TPG sheets are £12.00 each. CLICK HERE if you would like to find out more or are interested in buying them.

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