Successful Strategies

As part of their own colour management strategies, most major retailers have developed specific sets of colour and appearance standards to which their suppliers must conform. If you are a registered supplier please contact the retailer for their current specification.

These standards also specify quality test methods and equipment to be used. The overall aim is to protect brand integrity and to improve product quality and supply chain efficiency.

Setting the highest standards

VeriVide provides valuable solutions for colour management requirements to retailers and manufacturers across a range of industries. In many cases, those standards are based on VeriVide products and technologies. We are a valuable source of advice and support for enterprises wishing to engage with the world’s most influential retailers.

The image below outlines a typical supply chain process from designer to market. How long does it take your organisation to get from start to finish? Have a look at our VeriVide solutions to see how we can help you improve your supply chain efficiency without the compromise of product quality or your brands reputation.

Supply chain diagram