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The RAL CLASSIC K6 Box is a new product from RAL. It contains all 216 colours of the popular RAL CLASSIC colour collection as individual A6 sheets.

This new collection enables flexible design and product development of colour combinations and precise colour definition.

The useful box protects the individual sheets from light and dirt, so that designers can enjoy and use the colour samples for a long time. If your samples do become lost or discoloured it is possible to replace them – contact ral@verivide.com

The RAL K6 Box facilitates professional colour design, stimulates creative processes and is perfect for creating collages, mood boards and drafts. Ideal for use by Architecture or Interior Design studios as well as by Industrial Designers to assist in determining the right colour tone for your project.

The individual colour sheets are produced by a coating process giving a semi matt finish which allows a realistic impression of the colour – even under different lighting conditions. The A6 size enables quick colour decisions by your client which may be more difficult using a small fan deck.

The RAL K6 Box can be refilled or supplemented after each design project by purchase of the individual A6 sheets, if these are required please contact ral@verivide.com

Creative processes such as cutting up, sticking to mood boards or sending them to clients or suppliers are now possible. The A6 sheets have the colour name and reference number printed on the reverse allowing accurate colour communication.

If you need even larger samples of RAL Classic colours then A4 sheets are available as a complete collection in the RAL K4 ring binder or as individual A4 sheets.


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Building Materials
Paints & Coatings

How to use RAL K6 as a practical tool

Raise your design options to a new level and compliment your RAL K6 Box with other practical tools that offer you even more options. The RAL K7 colour fan or RAL K5 Semi matt colour fan gives you an initial overview of the colours of the proven RAL CLASSIC colour collection.

Select the colours you like and go to the RAL K6 Box to see the colours in a larger format. Send individual A6 colour samples to your clients or add to your design drawings or mood boards. The A6 sheets can also be stuck to prototype products. Compare colours and hone your product range or develop coordinating colour combinations.

Given a colour sample for inspiration? The RAL COLOR READER helps you to identify the closest RAL CLASSIC colour. You can then take a closer look at this colour with a RAL K6 colour sample.


  • Box with all 216 RAL CLASSIC Single sheets
  • Box format 11.5 x 13 x 16.5 cm
  • Single sheets in DIN A6 format (10.5 x 14.8 cm)
  • Gloss level of single sheets: semi-matt
  • 9 separation registers between each hue set
  • Colour samples have name and number printed on reverse


  • Box protects the individual sheets from light and dirt
  • Possible to send single sheets to clients for decision
  • Design creatively with mood boards
  • Easy to find the colour you need

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