RAL Color Reader

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RAL Color Reader: Instantly Match Colours

Would you like to simplify and optimise the decision making process when choosing colours with your clients? The handy RAL Color Reader is the perfect tool to recognise and match the closest RAL colours quickly and precisely and to save both time and money in your project.

The RAL Color Match Reader colorimeter is a small, portable and at the same time precise colour measuring device. Colour professionals trust the RAL Color Reader which achieves a measuring accuracy of 92% due to its highly developed optical lens and six powerful high CRI white LEDs illuminating the colour target.

Providing fast, precise and reliable colour measurement for all architecture, interior design and construction applications as well as industrial design. Ideal for using on painted surfaces such as walls as well as other surfaces and materials including floors, furniture, plastics and textiles. You can successfully colour match to the correct RAL shade every time provided the surface is flat.

This is a cost effective tool for all decorators, building contractors and designers who may be requested to use a colour from an existing item or colour scheme. Perform a quick RAL colour match using the affordable colour reader and communicate them to your manufacturer or supplier in seconds.

Use the RAL Color Reader to collect, store and share colours from real life samples. Measurement results are transmitted to the RAL Color Reader App on your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. RAL Classic, RAL Effect and RAL Design colour charts are pre-loaded.

RAL Colour Reader Apps

The App is free and versions are available for both Apple and Android devices, compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS version 9.3 or higher, Android 6.0 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher:

Datacolor ColorReader – Apps on the Google Play Store

Datacolor ColorReader on the App Store (apple.com)

The Color Reader app uses the RAL CLASSIC, RAL EFFECT and RAL DESIGN colour systems to identify the closest RAL colours to your clients samples and allows further inspiration with the recommended complementary colours, three colour schemes or monochromatic colour palettes. Colours can be saved with a custom name and your own colour collections can be created allowing custom colour palettes to be shared with colleagues and clients for quick agreement.


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Building Materials
Paints & Coatings


  • BOX CONTAINS: RAL Color Reader
  • Micro USB cable for charging the lithium battery (over 330 measurements per charge)
  • Access Code for Color Reader App
  • Measures wall samples for accurate communication of paint colours
  • RAL CLASSIC, RAL EFFECT and RAL DESIGN colour systems pre-loaded
  • Find coordinating or complementary colours


  • Easily identify and cross reference colours
  • Save colour matches by job or even room.
  • Create signature colour palettes for your clients.
  • Precise colour data in CIE Lab, RGB, hex, CMYK, LCH and LRV formats for digital design
  • Allows conversion of colours to other palettes such as packaging if required

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