Pantone Solid Guide Set

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The Pantone Solid Guide Set GP1605A is a cost-saving option for acquiring all Pantone Spot Colour fan guides which contain 3,026 colours in the Pantone Matching System.For designers who want to be fully equipped with all 4 Pantone spot colour guides in one set: Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated, Pastels & Neons, and Metallics guides. The Solid Guide Set provides designers with the greatest array of Pantone’s market-driven spot colours. Use this set for branding, packaging, marketing materials, signage, and when spot colour printing is business-critical.All guides feature the latest in printing processes, ensuring that you receive the best colour possible.

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High-quality colour standard

Easy to use, fan guide format



  • Four portable, handheld fan decks
  • Complete collection of all Pantone Spot Colors: 2,161 traditional spot colours, 301 regular metallics, 354 high-lustre, durable packaging metallics, 154 pastels, and 56 neons
  • Printed on the most commonly paperweights for coated and uncoated papers
  • Each colour comes with the spot ink formulations for reproduction
  • Colours are arranged in chromatic format
  • Colour Index provides the location for each colour contained in the guide
  • Stringent tolerance ensures a high-quality colour standard


  • Use the set for logos & branding, marketing materials, packaging, labels, high quality posters and large format prints
  • Solid Guide Set is ideal for colour specification, sharing and evaluation
  • Saves you money by consolidating all the Pantone spot colour fan guides in one complete set, compared against purchasing them separately
  • The included ink formulations provide the most accurate method for achieving spot colours on printed materials

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