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The Pantone SkinTone™ Guide, STG202, is the updated Skin tone colour reference product from Pantone. The newly expanded 2023 edition of the SkinTone Guide includes 28 new shades in addition to the 110 existing SkinTone shades found in the original  STG201 Guide.

The SkinTone™ Guide, STG202 is based on colour measurements of actual human skin tones, across the full spectrum of human skin types. The new colours expand the range of yellow undertones and darker tones providing increased diversity and inclusivity. These were inspired by Pantone customers seeking colours which better represent their communities.

It is a superb tool for a wide range of differing applications for designers and product developers who use skin colour in their work. Ideal for matching skin tone of models on product packaging and photography, it is also useful for toys – dolls and action figures, medical prosthetics and cosmetics.

The SkinTone™ Guide can also support designers and product developers of Lingerie and Hosiery with production of skin tone coloured products. Extremely useful also for showing them the appearance of sheer coloured products over a full range of skin colours. It is also a great tool for independent sales representatives in the cosmetic industry.

Produced to best match skin tone colour under D65 (Daylight 6500K) lighting, this guide, like all Pantone books, should be used in conjunction with a light booth containing standardised controlled lighting.



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Easy and simple to use

Coordinate cosmetics to your skin colour

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Medical & Pharmaceutical

Colour inclusivity

The SkinTone™ Guide, which marks its 10th anniversary this year was launched by Pantone to provide a tool for developing products to suit a variety of skin tones. To mark the anniversary Pantone have expanded the colour range with more dark tones and yellow undertones to appeal to a wider audience.

A total of 138 shades to include “every skin tone match imaginable” are represented in the 2023 edition, STG202. This guide is a comprehensive visual representation of human skin for use in any market.

Formulated using an eco-friendly pigment coating to be the closest representation to human skin, the new SkinTone™ Guide enables fashion, beauty, packaging, photographic printing and product development to be more inclusive.

Tannese Williams, product manager for fashion, home and interiors for Pantone, said in a statement: “Our goal is to provide an inclusive, global product, in both digital and physical spaces, that reflects our global society and empowers companies to offer more inclusive colour matches for their audiences around the world.

“Colour inclusivity has always been an important part of our work, and we look forward to leading that charge in this next evolution of our products.”



  • Large-size swatch with central hole for easy colour evaluation and matching, hold over your skin to select the closest tone or over a coloured cosmetic to check compatibility with that skintone
  • 138 colours numbered from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP
  • Colours are identified by unique PANTONE  four digit code, the first 2 digits represent the hue or undertone and the second 2 digits the tone or depth of the colour
  • Includes colour index
  • Digital values are available in Pantone Connect


  • The most comprehensive range of skin tones in the market
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Colour match skin tone for photography, printing and product packaging
  • Colour match skin tone for prosthetics
  • Evaluate and develop cosmetics to suit diverse range of skin tones
  • Evaluate and develop lingerie, hosiery and athleisure clothing to suit diverse range of skin tone

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