Pantone Plus Plastic Chips Collection

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Do you need to match hard goods such as Plastic and Ceramics to Pantone colours? Finding it difficult to specify and match to a paper standard? If so then Pantone Plastic Standard Chips will be ideal for you!

The Pantone Plastic Standard Chips Colour Collection, PSC-PS1755 is a set of 1,755 Pantone Plus Series spot colours as Plastic Standard Chips, presented in three rotating carousel towers with six carousels per tower.

Each carousel tray holds 100 chips with the exception of the last tray which has 55 chips. As a bonus the paper Formula Guide with the spot colour formulations is also included!

The chips are suitable for colour matching luggage, toys, consumer electronics, home furnishing, appliances, accessories and much more.  These Plastic chips are engineered colour standards and can be used throughout your supply chain.

If you do not need the full set of chips immediately then selected colour ranges may be purchased separately. You can then build the complete collection one carousel at a time by adding a set each time you need to look at a different hue.

Please Note – this is not a stock item – please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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Each chip is double-sided with gloss and matte finishes

Each tower has a rotating base for easy colour selection

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical


  • Collection of Pantone Standard Chips in graphics spot colours with bonus Formula Guide Showcased in three towers of chips, each consisting of six separate trays of Plastic chips
  • Each tower has a rotating base for easy colour selection.
  • Each Chip made of Polypropylene, the most referenced plastic material.
  • Each Chip is approximately 7.5 cm x 5 cm, large enough for visual colour matching and to be measured by a spectrophotometer
  • Two tiers of thickness, 1mm and 2mm, allows for accurate colour visualisation
  • Each chip is double-sided with gloss and matte finishes for accurate colour visualisation
  • Key ring hole in top right corner to allow chips to be organised into palettes


  • Colours arranged chromatically, with index providing the chromatic & numeric location of each colour
  • Each plastic chip is referenced by a PMS number, identical to the colour number in the formula guide
  • Each chip includes corresponding pigment formulations for manufacturing accuracy
  • Use with any products made of coloured plastic, including beauty, food & beverage packaging, consumer electronics, fashion accessories, hard home, toys, medical devices and more
  • Use for palette development, colour communication, and as a colour standard  for production of plastic products when matching to spot colour printed materials is critical

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