Pantone FHI COY Color Guide Bundle

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This bundle offer provides FHI Color Guide Colour of the Year 2019 (FHIP110COY19​) with the NEW Supplement (FHIP120A) containing the newest 315 Pantone Fashion Home & Interior Colours. A cost-effective solution for you to have all 2,625 colours in TPG (Textile Paper – “Green”) format to inspire your designs.

Pantone FHI COY Color Guide FHIP110 bundle features 2,625 Fashion Home & Interior TPG Colours, the cover of the main guides is in the 2019 Color Of the Year Living Coral. Ideal for a freelance designer or student, this is an excellent introduction to the Pantone FHI range.

The bundle offer is suitable for designers who want instant colour specification and communication for non-fabric materials and hard goods. Also useful for freelance apparel and fabric designers, students and small start-up brands to select and communicate colour, if you then need to provide a colour standard to your suppliers or clients you can purchase individual fabric TCX swatches with the same colour number.

If you want the new amazing layout of the guides, you can order the Pantone FHI Color Guides FHIP110A.

Use the Fashion Home & Interior Color Guides for designing fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, products, paints, interiors and more. The lacquer-on-paper colours are ideal for specifying colours for non-fabric materials especially footwear and hard home goods including technology.

Produced using eco-friendly lacquer coatings, the TPG (Textile Paper – “Green”) suffix denotes that all lead pigments and chromium were removed. Whereas the colour integrity was maintained or improved compared to the previous versions with the TPX suffix.

These colours are also available as perforated paper chips in the Pantone Fashion Home & Interior Color Specifier FHIP210A , as well as on cotton – see SMART swatches (with the TCX number suffix).

In stock


Perfect for on-the-go 

Updated with the 315 newest FHI colours


  • All 2,625 market-relevant Fashion and Home colours with a TPG suffix
  • Eco-friendly lacquer coating (chromium-free)
  • Fan guide format ideal for taking it with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews


  • Provides colour inspiration and effective colour verification
  • Updated with the 315 newest FHI colours for a much cheaper price than new version
  • Easy to find the colour you need
  • Perfect for on-the-go

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