Pantone Color Guide Supplement

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Use the newest 315 top-trend Pantone Fashion Home & Interior colours.

The Pantone Color Guide Supplement FHIP120A is ideal for those:

  • Who want the new 315 top-trend Pantone FHI colours
  • Who have an existing Colour Guide which is still in good condition

The Color Guide Supplement includes only the 315 newest of Pantone colours to enhance your design for non-fabric, hard goods, accessories and leather products with the most cost-effective way. The colorant combinations have been modified to remove all lead pigments and chromium, to comply with current legislation thus conforming to the TPG “Green” ideal. These colours are also available as perforated paper chips in the Pantone FHI Color Specifier, as well as on cotton for coordinating fabric design – see SMART swatches (with the TCX suffix).

Want a brand new Guide instead? Go to FHIP110A for the complete collection of colours.

In stock


Lightweight and portable, fan guide format

Chromatically arranged for quick colour decisions


  • 315 new top-trend Pantone Fashion Home & Interior colours with a TPG suffix
  • Colours arranged by colour family
  • Natural and earthy yellow green tones
  • Earthy and organic brown tones
  • Ethereal and lighting shades of blue hues
  • Passion and warm red tones


  • Enhance your inspiration and design with the most market-driven colours
  • All of the colours chromatically arranged for quick colour decisions and easy colour look up
  • Fan guide format, lightweight and portable to make it ideal to take with you to meetings, shopping and on-site reviews.
  • Be up to date with the new colours, able to respond to any matching request with the most cost-efficient way

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