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The Pantone Essentials Guide set GPG301B is the ultimate graphics tool for all designers (graphic, print, packaging & digital), supplying both solid PMS colours and CMYK colours.

Presented in a robust travel case perfect for both storage and portability, the set includes six Pantone fan guides – Formula Guide (Coated & Uncoated), Color Bridge Guide (Coated & Uncoated) and CMYK (Coated & Uncoated).

Ideal if you don’t need  the speciality colours such as metallics, pastels or neons, the Essentials Guide Set provides a saving of almost £50 compared with purchasing the items separately.

If you do need the Pantone speciality guides (Metallics and Pastels & Neons Guide) as well as the Essentials Set, then the most economic product for you will be the Portable Guide Studio GPG304B

Pantone Essentials GPG301B provides 5,029 in total market-relevant spot, spot-to-process and process colours and includes 224 colours added to the PMS Pantone Matching System in December 2022.

Use Pantone Essentials GPG301B for inspiration and for easier and better colour communication, it provides the ability to translate spot colours to CMYK, HTML, or RGB.


In stock

Each book contains a Lighting Indicator

Stylish, portable and easy to carry around

Sequenced so colours appear in hue order

Graphics Prints & Inks


  • Includes 2,161 traditional spot colors, 2,135 spot-to-process colors and 2,868 four-color process colors
  • Includes 294 new colours added with more high-demand neutrals such as blacks, grays, beiges, tans blues and olives
  • Specifically formulated colours to print using a uniform ink thickness, making it easier to match on press.
  • Each book contains a Lighting Indicator and are all sequenced so colours appear in hue order


  • Stylish, portable and easy to carry around with a convenient carry case which stores the guides away from damaging light and dust
  • Suitable for logos and branding, marketing materials, packaging, labels, digital design and animation
  • Set of 6 essential portable fan decks with coated and uncoated options more economical than purchasing them separately

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