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The Pantone Color Bridge Guide Coated New edition, GG6103B, has been updated with the 229 brand new PMS colours and contains 2,390 colours arranged chromatically on Coated paper only. These are displayed alongside the closest equivalent CMYK colour.

The Color Bridge can be used to select and specify solid Pantone colours and also to check how a Pantone colour will appear when produced in 4-color process printing. Some Pantone spot colours are not as vibrant when printed using CMYK inks, this Guide quickly shows the best achievable version of each of the Pantone spot colours.

Pantone Color Bridge Guide Coated New edition, GG6103B gives the CMYK percentages of each colour as well as HTML and RGB values for the spot colours, ideal for use on monitors and web pages.

The Color Bridge Coated Guide can help to manage colour across various applications such as print media, graphic, digital and web design as well as in video creation. If you require the same book printed on uncoated paper as well, this is available separately, but it is more cost-effective to purchase the Color Bridge Set GP6102B.

The Color Bridge Guides do not include spot ink recipes which are only available in the Formula Guide Set GP1601B

If you only need the 229 new colours to update a recently purchased Color Bridge Guide then a Supplement printed on both Coated and Uncoated paper is available for a limited time.

Featuring five new eco-friendly Pantone base mixing inks which are compatible with coating in print production processes,  the 224 new mixed colour reference numbers are 6001C to 6224C.

All Pantone books integrate with Pantone Connect software for Adobe Creative Cloud which allows customers to take physical Pantone colours into their digital workflow.


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ColorChecker Lighting Indicator included

Eliminates undesirable colour surprises

Graphics Prints & Inks


  • Full range of 2,390 colours including 224 new colours and 5 new ink bases
  • Side by side comparisons of all Pantone Spot colours with closest CMYK colour matches
  • Formulated to match G-7 calibrated CRPC6 and CRPC3 press references
  • New eco friendly vegetable based ink formulation
  • Icons mark colours that can be satisfactorily reproduced in CMYK, RGB or HTML
  • An index at the back of the guide shows the numeric location for each colour


  • Provides side-by-side comparison of solid colour to closest process colour match
  • Saves money knowing when a spot colour can be adequately produced using CMYK inks instead
  • Screen tint percentages serve as a starting point for adjusting the colour match if desired
  • Eliminates undesirable colour surprises before incurring costly pre-production and printing expenses
  • Lighting indicator tool is included which determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour selection and matching


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