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The new Pantone Formula Guide Set, GP1601B, now features 2,390 spot colours arranged chromatically on both Coated (C) and Uncoated (U) paper.

The Formula Guide set has been updated with the 224 brand new PMS colours, added in December 2022. If you only need the new colours to update a recently purchased Formula Guide Set then a Supplement is available.

Featuring five new eco-friendly Pantone base mixing inks which are compatible with coating in print production processes, Spot ink recipes are shown for every colour.

All Pantone books integrate with Pantone Connect software  for Adobe Creative Cloud which allows customers to take physical Pantone colours into their digital workflow.

The page numbers relate to the corresponding Solid Chips books due to be launched soon, these have tear out chips which may be attached to artwork and sent to your clients and suppliers.

If you need CMYK references for digital (4-colour process) printing or HTML codes then the corresponding Color Bridge Set is the product for you.

In stock (can be backordered)


Portable fan guide format

Easy to communicate colour

Graphics Prints & Inks
Paints & Coatings


  • 2390 solid PANTONE colours, including 224 new trend relevant colours
  • 5 new eco friendly base inks
  • If you have recently purchased a Formula Guide Set and need only the new 294 colours, these can be purchased separately in a handy supplement GP1601B-SUPL
  • Colour located index
  • Portable fan guide format
  • Ink formulas for quick matching


  • Colours are shown on Pantone Connect app
  • Easy to communicate colour by unique name or number
  • Coated and Uncoated stock on each colour (2 separate guides in the pack) to show the different effects
  • The lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate colour selection and matching


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