Pantone Coated Combo

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The most useful Formula Guide & Color Bridge Guide in one cost-effective Coated Combo. Save over £50 compared with purchasing the items separately and also avoid having to buy the Uncoated Formula Guide if you do not need it. The Pantone Coated Combo GP6205A is a necessary tool for all graphic and digital designers who want instant and colour inspiration for their packaging, printing, video and web design, while ensuring they can achieve accurate colour reproduction in Spot or Process printing. The Coated Combo contains a Formula Guide and a Colour Bridge each with 2,161 PMS colours on coated paper, including the 294 newest PMS colours.

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Side-by-side comparisons

Easy and accurate colour identification and colour matching


  • The Formula Guide includes all 2,161 Pantone Spot colours with their ink formulations, for easy colour specification
  • The Color Bridge shows all the spot colours alongside the closest 4-color process match and gives the HTML, RGB and CMYK values
  • Both are on coated paper
  • The new colours are easy to find as the new colour pages are marked at the top with a dot


  • Easy and accurate colour identification and colour matching
  • Side-by-side comparison of solid colour to closest process colour match
  • Reduce mistakes – compare and check how a spot colour will be produced in CMYK inks
  • Compare and check how the spot colours will look after printing with CMYK inks

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