Munsell Geological Rock Book of Color Charts

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The Munsell Rock Color Chart M50315B provides a durable, accurate method for classifying and evaluating rock samples and helps geologists and archaeologists communicate with colour more effectively by cross-referencing ISCC-NBS colour names with unique Munsell colour notations. The rock color chart is a revision of the previously published Geological Society of America (GSA) Rock Color Chart.

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Share reliable information across the globe

Useful for university and high school students


  • The Munsell Rock Book of Color M50315B is durable enough for use in the field
  • provides an accurate method for classifying samples of rock in the wet or dry
  • Although it is mainly used for medium to fine grained rocks, it can also be used when working with coarse-grained rocks
  • The chart indicates the range of rock colours for all purposes and is accurate for wet or dry samples
  • As the colour standards are reproduced on a water-resistant substrate and the pages are able to be cleaned it can be used under most environmental conditions but will need to be periodically replaced


  • Document and share reliable and consistent information about the colour of rocks at a particular site with colleagues anywhere around the world
  • The charts are also suitable for use by university and high school students
  • Useful for members of a wide range of professions including building and contracting, mineral extraction and archaeology

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