Munsell Soil Color – YR 2 Page Pack

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The Munsell Soil Color 2 Page Pack M50215B-YRKIT is a special package of the two most popular pages from the Munsell Soil Book of Color (7.5YR and 10YR pages) enabling you to evaluate soil by using the two most common soil notations.

This is an economical alternative to purchasing the complete Book of Soil Color Charts. These pages are durable enough for field use in all of the different environments where soil colour is determined, they are water resistant and can be wiped clean for repeated use.

If you need the complete range of soil colour charts then the Munsell Soil Color Book M50215B is the best product for you.

In stock (can be backordered)


Ideal starter pack or use to replace pages

Communicate soil colours around the world


The two most commonly used pages:

  • Ideal as an introduction to the Soil classification system
  • Replacements for pages that have been damaged or lost in the field


  • Document and share reliable and consistent information about the colour of soils at a particular site
  • Notation can be shared with colleagues anywhere around the world.
  • Durable, water resistant and can be wiped clean for repeated use.
  • The charts are also suitable for educational use by university and high school students.
  • Useful to members of a wide range of professions including building and contracting, forestry and landscaping, archaeology and agronomy for analysis of the environment

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