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The Munsell Book of Color, Matte Edition M40291B includes the complete range of Munsell colours creating a physical model of the Munsell Color Space in book format. The book includes a brief tutorial on how the Munsell Color System works, with easy to follow graphics for understanding where in the Munsell color space the colour is located.

Each page represents one hue and is for projects that require colours without surface gloss.

The Matte Collection gives you over 1,600 matte colour samples on 40 constant-hue pages, an additional 31-step neutral value chart is also included. Although the colour chips are removable Matte chips are susceptible to dirt and oils from handling, therefore it is recommended to keep them mounted in the binder.

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Triple A rated Munsell standard tolerances

Enables communication of the colour across the globe

Cosmetics & Personal Care


  • 40 Constant hue pages with an additional Neutral Value Scale
  • Pages can be removed from the binder for flexible colour analysis
  • Individual Chips measure 2cm wide x 2.2cm high


  • Manufactured to exacting triple A rated Munsell standard tolerances that are unmatched in the industry
  • There is no visible difference of the same colour swatches between books
  • Enables accurate communication of the colour with your colleagues, supply chain and clients globally

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