Pantone Metallic Shimmers Color Guide

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The Pantone Metallic Shimmers Colour Guide FHIP310N introduces 200 never seen before metallic shades. into the Pantone Fashion Home + Interior range

Presenting 200 carefully selected lustrous metallic colours, the new Shimmer collection from Pantone contains a variety of shimmering metallic colours for designers, product developers and manufacturers. Associations between metallic shades, luxury and brilliance are compounded by amazing colour integrity. The Color Guide displays one full-bleed colour per page in the traditional fan guide style.

These colours are ideal for product design, footwear and accessories, cosmetics and hard home goods – in short anything non fabric where sparkle or shimmer can enhance your designs.

Also interested in the main FHI range? The Coated Colors Set Bundle combines the FHI TPG colours with the Metallic Shimmers giving you over 2500 colours to enhance your designs.

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Easy-to-use, fan format

Nitro-cellulous coating adds brilliance and lustrous finish

Cosmetics & Personal Care



  • One volume with 200 colours in a fan format
  • One full-bleed colour per 1.75” x 6” page
  • Produced using pigment on paper (nitro-cellulous coating), similar to a paint sample
  • TPM (Textile Paper – Metallic) suffix indicates that it is a metallic colour in the Fashion Home & Interior System
  • Colours arranged by colour family
  • Each colour referenced by a corresponding name and number


  • 200 new colours with pearlescent and metallic finishes
  • Complete collection of curated fashion and core colours, meeting market demand for creating beautiful finishes
  • Nitro-cellulous coating adds brilliance and lustrous finish


  • Ideal for product design, fashion accessories, fashion trim, footwear, hard home, interiors, colour cosmetics, and tech/consumer electronics
  • Use for palette development, mood boards, inspiration, colour communication, specification, and production


  • Easy-to-use, fan format
  • Lightweight and portable, easy for on-the-go
  • Nitro-cellulous coating adds brilliance and lustrous finish
  • Enables the user to have excellent colour communication with clients and suppliers

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