45° Fixed Angle Table

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Notably, 45° is the ideal viewing angle to evaluate colour variations and accurately assess colour. Providing effective colour fastness assessment, with four magnets to secure the samples.

Includes 4 matt black magnets

Specified viewing angle (45°)

Building Materials
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Paints & Coatings
Technical Textiles

VeriVide’s Fixed Angle Table is a complementary accessory for use within the Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC), which standardises viewing geometry to a 45° degree angle.
Specified by several industries, 45° is the ideal viewing angle to evaluate colour variations and accurately assess colour. VeriVide’s Fixed Angle Table is often required for colour fastness assessment and the visual comparison of paint colour.

The Fixed Angle Table is light, easy to move and its steel construction allows magnets to be used for holding samples in place across the viewing surface.
VeriVide’s Magnetic Grading Mask allows hands-free working, viewing and greyscale adjustment. It is available for purchase with the Fixed Angle Table for end users assessing colour fastness.

Fixed Angle Table and Tilting Table


  • Four matt black magnets come with the Fixed Angle Table to stabilize the samples in the viewing surface
  • Magnetic Grading Mask is available at an additional cost, offering more accurate judgements


  • More accurate visual comparisons of the colour of paints
  • Specified viewing angle (45°) for effective colour fastness assessment


45° Fixed Angle Table

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 530 225 210
Viewing Area 530 300 -


Accessories Download
Fixed Angle Table Download

Extra Specification

  • AATCC Evaluation procedures 1, 2 + 9 (Table Only)
  • BS EN and ISO – Textiles – Tests for Colour Fastness (105-AO2 105-AO3)
  • ISO 3668 Paints and Varnishes: Visual Comparison of the Colour of Paints
  • ASTM D1729: Artificial Daylight for the Assessment of Colour: Part 1 Illuminant for colour matching and colour appraisal
  • Paint colours: Munsell N5, Munsell N7 or VeriVide G 5574.

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