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FHI Cotton Passport - FHIC200A

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Pantone Cotton Passport includes the full range of 2,625 Fashion, Home & Interior colours, including 315 new market-driven Pantone colours. 

Ideal for designers or students​ on the move, for clients or vendors meetings, for consultation or demonstration, fashion shows or trade events, the Cotton Passport FHIC200A will be your right-hand assistant. The Cotton Passport contains the full range of 2,625 Fashion, Home & Interior Colors on cotton in a nice folio format, including 315 new market-driven Pantone colours. The colour are arranged by colour family, with an index providing numeric location for each colour, for better and instant findability.

The colour chips are 1.5cm x 1cm and are glued to the page. If a larger area of colour is required the invidual colours can be ordered as SMART swatches.

If you already have the Cotton Passport FHIC200, which contains 2310 colours, take a look at the Cotton Passport Supplement FHIC210A as this contains just the new 315 colours.


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  • 2,625 market-relevant Fashion and Home colours including new 315 top-trend Pantone colours
  • Each page features 65 cotton chips with size 1.5cm x 1cm 
  • Arranged by colour family, with an index providing numeric location for each color
  • COLOR MANAGER Software included (free download available on registration of your product)
  • Includes mask tool to isolate and view a single-color chip 
  • Single-colour seperation mask to enhance colour viewing 
  • Each color match with the corresponding Pantone Swatch card
  • Convenient folio format where each chip can be isolated individually with the included white mask
  • More accurate and fast colour assessment and matching with the chips format 
  • Improved chromatic layout that helps you find the colour easily and quickly
  • Easy-to-use and the best portable tool for your meetings with clients, when on the move or even travelling 
  • The most accurate way to communicate colour choices to clients and manufacturers

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