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Essentials - GPG301A

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The absolute graphic tool for all designers (graphic, print, packaging & digital) which includes Formula Guide (Coated & Uncoated), Color Bridge Guide (Coated & Uncoated) and CMYK (Coated & Uncoated).

Pantone Essentials GPG301A provides 5,029 in total market-relevant spot, spot-to-process and process colours and it is the latest version, including 294 new trend colours added to Pantone Matching System in September 2019.

Either for inspiration or for easy and better colour communication, you can use the Pantone Essentials GPG301A, translating spot colours to CMYK, HTML, or RGB.

A free Download of Color Manager is included in the set, using the unique code on the inside cover of each book.

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  • Includes 2,161 traditional spot colors, 2,135 spot-to-process colors and 2,868 four-color process colors
  • Includes 294 new colours added with more high-demand neutrals such as blacks, grays, beiges, tans blues and olives
  • Specifically formulated colours to print using a uniform ink thickness, making it easier to match on press
  • Each book contains a Lighting Indicator and are all serialised so colours appear in hue order.
  • Stylish, portable and easy to carry around with a convenient and nice suitcase
  • Suitable for logos and branding, marketing materials, packaging, labels, digital design and animation
  • 6 Essential fan decks in a cheaper price than purchasing all the guides separately
  • Coated and uncoated, so you can see the colour in two different formats 

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