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Essentials-Complete GPG301N

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The latest edition of Pantone Essentials Complete (GPG301N) with Artists Edition covers, comes with 112 new colours added in March 2016 in the Formula Guides and the ColorBridge Guides. Essentials contains 6 Essential Pantone Guides including the 786 new colours introduced since 2010. Each book contains a Lighting Indicator and are all serialised so colours appear in hue order. A free Download of Color Manager is included in the set, using the unique code on the inside cover of each book.


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  • Includes all solid, solid-to-process and process only colours 
  • 786 colours added since 2010 including 112 new colours added in March 2016
  • Brand new Artist Edition Covers 
  • Specifically formulated colours to print using a uniform ink thickness, making it easier to match on press 
  • Stylish, portable and easy to carry around 
  • From CMYK guides to Color Bridge guides and then to Formula guides, all included 
  • Cheaper than buying all of the guides separately 
  • Coated and uncoated, so you can see the colour in two different formats 

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