Colour fastness cabinets

Colour Fastness Cabinet (CF 60)

The VeriVide Colour Fastness Grading Cabinet (CF 60) provides exceptional viewing conditions for manual grading and assessing samples to BS EN ISO 105 and retailer specifications.

The CF 60 is fitted with two light sources: principally the VeriVide artificial daylight D65, alongside UV Blacklight to reveal any fluorescent dyes and bleaches.

For consistent viewing conditions the cabinet comes with a VeriVide Fixed Angle Table so that samples can be viewed at 45 degrees to the light source, and the cabinet interior is a neutral grey.

The lamps are housed inside a white reflector and controlled by a digital control panel that includes a servicing indicator, backlit screen and data storage facility.

If you have a requirement for additional or alternative light sources such as the ‘point of sale’ illuminant 840P15, the CAC 60 will be recommended for use in full colour matching and assessment as well as Colour Fastness Grading if fitted with the Fixed Angled Table.

(Alternatively, our CAC range and DigiEye system can be used for digital colour fastness grading.)

A VeriVide Magnetic Grading Mask is available to purchase as an optional extra

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  • Meeting BS EN ISO 105 and retailer specifications.
  • 2 light sources, the best D65 ‘Artificial Daylight’ to CEI rating, and UV Black Light.
  • VeriVide Fixed Angle Table supplied with magnets 
  • Grading mask is available on request.
  • Back light digital control panel with service indicator and data storage facility.

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