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Two desktop references with all 2,625 Pantone’s Fashion Home & Interiors colours, including the 315 newest market-relevant colours. The Pantone Color Specifier FHIP210A contains all 2,625 colours reproduced on paper by an opaque coating method, ideal for specifying colour for non-fabric materials. The chip book format has 7 colours per page and 6 tear out chips of each colour for easy removal for attachment to artwork, the colour area of each chip measures 2cm x 2cm.

The Color Specifier is ideal for designers of fashion accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics, paints, interiors metal and leather goods for accurate colour communication and colour specification to the Textile Paper – Green (TPG) format. The FHI TPG colours for hard goods match better to the TPX format for textiles and soft goods.

This book is not intended as a substitute for the Fashion & Home Cotton range when specifying colour on fabric. Replacement pages are available for this product, please contact Georgina for more information

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Boost your inspiration with the tear-out chips

Reliable way to communicate and specify colour


  • 2,625 market-relevant Fashion and Home colours with a TPG suffix, including new 315 top-trend Pantone colour
  • Lacquer opaque, paper coating format for designing hard home goods, cosmetics, leather, metals and more
  • 7 colours per page and 6 tear-out chips for each colour, measuring 2cm x 2cm
  • Each colour in the colour-on-paper chip book numerically referenced with a TPX suffix
  • Colours are chromatically arranged by colour family


  • Replacement pages are available to purchase separately
  • Boost your inspiration with the tear-out chips, so you can add the colours to your own palettes or mood boards
  • Each colour is identified with their own unique Pantone number for easy findability
  • The most accurate and reliable way to communicate and specify colour choices
  • Removable pages for easy use

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