Pantone Color Match Card

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The Pantone Color Match Cards PCNCT-CARD are a portable calibration card (the size of a credit card) that helps to instantly capture colour with your smartphone’s camera and the Pantone Connect App to give the closest match with a Pantone colour.

For all designers who want to capture and record their spontaneous inspiration frequently while on the go.

Works with Pantone Connect for Android and iOS.
Take a photo and match the coloured object, surface, or material to a Pantone Colour!

Use the Color Match Card with Pantone Connect mobile app to capture colour, get the best Pantone match*, and save it to your Pantone colour palettes in the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud® for future design or use.

Also available in a pack of 25 Units as a cost-effective solution for larger design and buying teams!

*Matches to all current Pantone Colour Systems (PMS™, FHI, CMYK, Skintone). Does not return a quality match with TPM Metallic Shimmers, PMS Metallics, Nylon Brights, or Pantone Plastics.

In stock (can be backordered)


Design on the go

Easy and quick colour specification

Graphics Prints & Inks
Technical Textiles


  • Laminated paper-board card material with a protective sleeve
  • A credit card in size
  • QR code in the backside to read the Pantone colour values
  • Colour measured via dual illumination (flash & ambient)
  • Colours integrate into Pantone Connect mobile, web, and Adobe® Extension for palette creation and designing in Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools


  • Lightweight and durable to carry it with you everywhere
  • Easier and quicker colour specification and matching to Pantone colour system
  • More accurate reference to Pantone instead of taking a photo with your phone without the card
  • Peace of mind choice to save your chosen Pantone colours for later design
  • Works for both free and paid Pantone Connect accounts

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