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Color Bridge Guide Uncoated -GG6104N

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The Pantone Plus Color Bridge Guide Uncoated, GG6104N contains 1,867 colours including the 112 new colours added in March 2016.  The Guide can be used to select and specify solid Pantone colours, to determine how a Pantone colour will appear when produced in CMYK or to create optimal display of Pantone colours on monitors and web pages. HTML and RGB values are provided. If you also require the same book printed on coated paper, it is more cost effective to purchase the ColorBridge set GP6102N. 

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  • 1,867 PANTONE Solid Colours included 
  • RGB and HTML values for solid colours 
  • Portable fan guide format 
  • ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation included 
  • Includes ColorChecker Primer for color correcting images 
  • Fast and east portable format to access colour data 
  • Reliable and very convenient for those producing in CMYK format
  • The most popular paper stock visualized on solid PANTONE colours 
  • Included lighting indicator tool determines if lighting conditions are suitable for accurate color selection and matching
  • Included color correction tool enables easy color balancing and creative control of digital images

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