April 21st 2023

Introducing LEDs into textile test methods

Introducing LEDs into textile test methods


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VeriVide have been providing technical support to the AATCC* as part of the AATCC committee RA61 Appearance Retention Test Methods. We recently donated a viewing board with LED illumination for an AATCC study into replacement lighting conditions for textile testing methods.

AATCC Member Logo*American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

Adam Dakin, Sales Manager for VeriVide, contributed to the AATCC press release about the study.

Adam spoke about why VeriVide works with AATCC committees. “At VeriVide we understand the importance of accurate and repeatable viewing conditions for visual and digital assessment. For many years we have supported the AATCC with specialised visual assessment equipment to assist with their textile test methods. So, we were pleased to be asked to provide our technical support and to develop an up-to-date futureproof solution for the appearance retention test methods.”

Why does the test method need to change?

The AATCC test methods currently specify traditional light sources – a fluorescent tube and a 500-watt incandescent flood lamp but these are increasingly difficult to source. Regulation changes have limited production and they are being phased out.

The goal of the project is to approve light emitting diode (LED) lamps that give the same test results as traditional light sources.


AATCC Viewing Board LED study - man checking creasing samplesThe donated Viewing Board was installed alongside the traditional Viewing board (also manufactured by VeriVide) to enable direct comparisons of test samples.


The AATCC committee will statistically analyse the data from the study and then use it to recommend test method revisions or additional studies. Soon Labs that need new or replacement Viewing boards and lamps will have easier, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly options. The AATCC Viewing Board is used for evaluating fabric smoothnessseam smoothnesscrease retentionproduct appearance, and stain release.



Future Cooperation

VeriVide have also been asked to join the AATCC committee RA36 Color Evaluation Test Methods, who are also looking at LEDS. Because of  our extensive knowledge in lighting and technical understanding of LEDS. The committee is exploring ways to help retailers choose standard LED illuminants that represent what consumers see in their stores.

The VeriVide website has more information about Textile Testing Equipment or contact Adam on sales@verivide.com

The AATCC Press Release on LED Appearance is available if you wish to read more.


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