April 7th 2021

Will my suppliers fabric swatches match mine?


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Yes, if you and your suppliers have purchased SMART fabric swatches recently and stored them correctly* they will match.

Ensure both sets of fabric swatches match, purchase direct from an authorised Pantone partner such as VeriVide.

Production of Pantone fabric swatches is tightly controlled,  subsequently they are shipped globally to Pantone offices and authorised Pantone partners.

Swatches are sold sealed in a protective plastic wrap.*Once opened we recommend that you replace the swatch inside the plastic wrap. Store away from light and dust in a closed box or drawer to prevent fading and contamination.

Dyeing of SMART swatches occurs in one dye house and the quality control is very strict. Fabric for SMART swatches is matched to the original spectral data standard with a delta E measurement of 0.5 or less. This is hardly noticeable when visual matching. Additionally, production of a colour is always on the same side of the standard in chroma, hue and lightness.

Still worried? First check that your supplier is matching to a SMART swatch. Matching to a paper or fabric Pantone book  will cause variation. The Cotton chips in the Cotton Passport, Cotton Planner or Cotton Chip Set are affected by the background paper and glue. The paper books are produced using ink pigments and will not be a perfect match to the cotton swatch.

Ask the age of the SMART swatch, old swatches may have faded or be dirty from handling!

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