April 8th 2021

Why should I use VeriVide lamps?


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Genuine VeriVide branded lamps supplied by VeriVide and our official distributors are made to a very tight tolerance to the CIE illuminant data. This ensures that what you see in the light booth or colour assessment cabinet will be the same as what is measured with a Spectrophotometer or DigiEye system.

In much the same way that two 2.0L car engines can perform differently, two light sources claiming to be 840/4000K or D65/ 6500K can present significant deviations in performance.
Like cars, the quality control of two 840 light sources can also differ. One lamp can be made to tight tolerances whereas the other may only be an approximation of the advertised lamp properties.

If you have multiple light boxes on site or even within your supply chain, the difference between quality and appearance of light sources can cause inaccurate results.

Be aware that counterfeit products claiming to be VeriVide lamps are in circulation therefore it is important to buy replacement lamps for VeriVide equipment only from ourselves or our official distributors.

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