April 3rd 2021

Why should I service?


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There are many reasons why you should service your VeriVide equipment.

In the rare event that things go wrong, servicing your light cabinet with VeriVide means that you receive peace of mind through a 12-month parts warranty. Equipment is sold with 12 months warranty and booking a service before it expires ensures continuity.

Regularly servicing ensures that you meet your relevant retailer, national and international standards for visual assessment. VeriVide lamps have been developed to meet or exceed international standards ISO 3664:2009, ISO 3668 and 13076, ASTM 1729 and DIN 6173-2.

Over time, natural wear and tear can affect cabinet performance. Regular servicing ensures that your light cabinet remains as accurate as the day of purchase.

Maintaining all visual assessment equipment in your supply chain helps avoid costly inconsistencies and time wasted due to disagreements.

Differences in opinion due to poorly maintained light boxes can increase time to market and negatively affect product quality.

Lamp measurement uses spectrometric readings to ensure lamps adhere to tight tolerances.
Outstanding build quality is a key characteristic of VeriVide equipment. Servicing extends the life of the equipment, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

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