April 8th 2021

Where is the Serial Number located?


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Your VeriVide cabinet serial number will be located on a silver label on the inside back wall (left hand corner) of the cabinet, underneath the lamp deck.
The silver label contains information on the interior surface colour (paint code), as well as the cabinet model, serial number and date of manufacture.

The cabinet label may not be present on older equipment or it may have been removed during its lifetime. The model type can be found on the switch panel but not the serial number.

On cabinets older than 2003, you may not have a serial number. At the back of the cabinet, where the mains power cable is plugged in there will be a metal voltage badge with a date stamp, you will need to provide this date to the service team along with the model number on the switch panel.

If the silver label is missing we may still be able to help you, please bear with us if we ask for additional information or photographs.

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