April 7th 2021

What is the lifetime of an NCS colour sample?


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The lifetime of an NCS colour depends on the conditions under which it is stored. As with all colour standards they should be stored away from light, dust, moisture and heat. Most NCS products are supplied with a protective box or binder, we recommend NCS samples are stored in a box, under normal indoor conditions.

NCS colour samples are produced using a paint coating on paper and supplied with a 12 month guarantee.

Properties of the product such as film thickness, gloss level and opacity of the paint are controlled. The quality controls are executed at several instances during the production process. This ensures a high and solid quality from batch to batch.

The technical lifetime  of coated NCS samples can be several years depending on the environment in which they are used but NCS recommends exchanging the samples every 24 month for maximum accuracy and performance.

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