April 7th 2021

How does DigiView work?


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Batches are first imaged using a DigiEye imaging Cube alongside the chosen colour standard. Colour calibrated imaged are sent to viewing stations anywhere in the world, where operators can open the image and assess on a calibrated monitor, the accuracy of the batch against the standard.
Current customers report that for almost every measurement on screen, they make the same decision as when they later receive a visual sample that they view in a light box a few days later. This confidence in DigiEye means that brands are saving thousands in shipping samples and batches and are far more agile in getting a product to market. DigiEye can shorten the time to market for traditional textile manufacturers by at least 15 days.

DigiView was designed to save textile companies and manufacturers’ time and money. For our larger clients, DigiEye is cost neutral after three months. For smaller clients, DigiView is cost neutral after 9-12 months.

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