April 8th 2021

My Colourpin is measuring wrong. What do I do?


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If you believe your NCS Colourpin is measuring wrong or you have a problem with inconsistent results, firstly check that your calibration cap is clean. A dirty calibration cap can affect the results of the measurements, as your Colourpin will be calibrated incorrectly. In this case, try to use a clean microfiber cloth and gently remove the dust and stains on the lid.

A new calibration cap can be purchased, if necessary, please contact ncs@verivide.com

We recommend you complete a measuring trial. If you have access to official NCS samples, try to measure 5 random colours and analyse the results. Measure different Hues and include both light and dark colours. If this results in a number of mismatches there may be an internal problem. Please contact the retailer who sold the Colourpin to state your claim, they will help with reclaim process with NCS Colour.


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