April 7th 2021

What is the difference between RAL Classic colours and RAL Design colours?


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RAL Classic is a collection of colours developed due to industry requirements, typically the colour of bridges or buildings and equipment for industrial applications as well as aeroplanes and trains are specified in Classic colours. In order to be in this collection the colour must be of non-business specific interest and not be subject to fashion trends. Did you know that the golden yellow of the German flag is RAL 1021 and that ICE trains are RAL 7035?

RAL Design is a colour system containing 1825 colours following the internationally recognised CIELab system. RAL Design colour codes have seven digits whereas RAL Classic colour codes only have four digits. Now 25 years old the RAL Design colour range offers 1,825 colours developed for architects and interior designers to provide a comprehensive range of colours for interior and decorative design. The RAL Design system colours are used in the RAL colour books which are used for reference, education and inspiration. RAL colour books are available for interior design of hotels and healthcare settings such as hospitals and clinics as well as domestic homes.

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