April 25th 2022

How often should I replace my Pantone books?


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It is recommended to replace your Pantone books at least every 12-18 months, however this does depend on how you store and use them!

Books should be stored away from light and dust and handled with clean hands to keep them in great condition for as long as possible.

However, the paper fan guides or smaller books like the Passport which are used frequently, and are taken to meetings with clients or are left open on your desk or at the end of the press, will deteriorate sooner than the master copy of the books stored in away in a locked cupboard in the dark.

Even when looked after you need to replace your  Pantone books regularly to take advantage of the new colours added or the new ink recipe formulations. It is always best to use the same edition as your manufacturing site or your client so that you can be sure everyone is looking at the same colour.

Some of the reasons for damage to the books can be found below – not to mention spilling your coffee or accidentally marking with a biro!

  • Handling = smearing and removing pigment from natural oils on fingertips
  • Pages rubbing together = scratching or removing pigment
  • Light exposure = fading
  • Paper aging = yellowing effects
  • Ambient moisture = accelerated paper aging
  • Natural pigment expiration = faster, noticeable colour variation, especially in lighter and pastel colours

Reminder to replace your Pantone books

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