April 7th 2021

How many colours are there available in total with Pantone?


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For the Fashion, Home and Interiors (FHI) industry there are currently 2,849 colours available as SMART colour swatches. 2,625 are cotton swatches, 203 are on Polyester and the remaining 21 are nylon bright and fluorescent colours, this number increases approximately every four years when Pantone add relevant trend colours as requested by designers. If you have updated Pantone books and still feel there is a gap in the colours available to you then please contact pantone@verivide.com and provide an example for possible inclusion in future (subject to achievability on the standard substrates).
For the graphics and print industry, the Pantone Formula Guides currently include 2161 PMS colours. The Pantone Graphics range also includes 154 Pastels, 56 Neons, 301 Metallics and 354 metallics for packaging (Premium Metallics) colours so the Graphics range in total has 3026 PMS colours as well as 2,868 CMYK process colours which do not relate to the PMS colours.

There are also the Plastic Chips to consider, you can request all of the Cotton swatch colours as well as all of Graphics PMS colour range as Plastic Standard Chips so it is possible to choose from 4988 colours in the Plastic chips. N.B. the less often requested colours will have a longer lead time while they are formulated.

If your question hasn’t been answered, simply drop an email to pantone@verivide.com or call +44 (0)116 284 7790 and we will be happy to answer! We may even include it on our blog!

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