Colour measurement as a business asset

Colour measurement has come a long way since VeriVide created the world’s first reliable D65 lamp in 1964. Its progress is largely a result of 50 years of continuous product development by VeriVide, benefiting customers worldwide.

Undoubtedly the biggest recent change is the shift from traditional visual inspection to VeriVide’s DigiEye system of automated digital measurement. Compared to even the most skilled human eye DigiEye is faster and more resilient, collects more data, can make much finer judgments, and can be embedded in production processes.

VeriVide products - DigiEye in particular - now benefit enterprises in two ways.

  • Most obviously, by improving the accuracy and consistency of colours specified by purchasers in supply chains.
  • By making it possible to measure other product attributes, such as the freshness of foodstuffs or the distribution of ingredients in a mix. 

DigiEye’s ability to detect and measure minute colour differences opens up many possibilities for industrial application. For the first time, colour can be used as a reliable tool to improve product quality and safety at relatively low cost.

Turning colour assessment into a time- and cost-saving asset throughout industry is VeriVide’s business. We are experts at recognising the potential for using colour measurement as a new and cost-effective way of controlling quality. 

If you want to discuss how your company might benefit from VeriVide products and technologies, please call us. It may transform the way you do business!

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