Service & support

Technical support & enquiry

VeriVide is proud of its ability to deliver rapid, reliable and high quality support to customers anywhere in the world.

Your first line of support is our international network of regional sales and service agents. All can provide technology and application know-how, and a spares, repair and maintenance service (including annual certification) to ensure the optimum performance of your VeriVide equipment. Each has priority access to our UK specialist support teams.

For more complex projects or special requirements, we can provide resources directly from VeriVide. These may range from research carried out on your behalf to site visits from our own experts.

For all support enquiries, contact either your local agent or VeriVide direct. +44 (0)116 284 7790

To find out more about service and maintenance, please email Michelle m.cully@verivide.com

For questions about Pantone, RAL, Colour Training or Colour Vision Testing please email Georgina g.boulter@verivide.com

DigiEye products: For further technical information, email Russell r.thorpe@verivide.com

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