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My Colourpin is measuring wrong. What do I do?

If you believe your NCS Colourpin is measuring wrong or you have a problem with inconsistent results, firstly check that your calibration cap is clean. A dirty calibration cap can affect the results of the measurements, as your Colourpin will be calibrated incorrectly. In this case, try to use a clean microfiber cloth and gently remove the dust and stains on the lid. A new calibration cap can be purchased, if necessary, please contact We recommend you complete a measuring trial. If you have access to official NCS samples, try to measure 5 random colours and analyse the results. Measure different Hues and include both light and dark colours. If this results in a number of mismatches there may be an internal problem. Please contact the retailer who sold the Colourpin to state your claim, they will help with reclaim process with NCS Colour.  

I can’t get the Colourpin device to connect to my phone

1. Make sure the battery is fully charged by plugging into an electrical outlet for 1 hour.
2. Make sure the newest version of the app for your device is downloaded and installed. You can also try to delete the app and download it again. Your account is saved even if the app is deleted.
3. Restart the phone or tablet and reset the Colourpin (Colourpin resets after holding power button for 15 seconds).
4. On your smart phone, turn Bluetooth off for 5 seconds and then back on.
5. Turn the Colourpin device back ON.
6. Launch the Colourpin app and select “Connect Device” to pair the device with your smartphone or tablet.

Note: When using the Android app make sure that “location services” are turned on to prevent connection issues. When using iOS, make sure that you have the latest iOS update.

What is included in a service?

When your VeriVide CAC, CCC or CAC-LED equipment is serviced by a VeriVide Sales & Service Technician the following is included in the service visit:
  • Peace of mind
  • Full lamp replacement
  • Full clean
  • Re-paint of interior surface to specification
  • 12 Months parts warranty *
  • Remote operational support
  • Removal and disposal of old lamps (WEEE compliant)
  • Usage data collection and Service Counter reset
  • Certificate of service
  • Exclusive instructional materials
  • Lamp Measurement and Certificate of Performance**
*Parts warranty is unavailable for pre-2004 cabinets. Excludes travel and labour costs **Lamp Measurement is available at an additional cost. It uses spectrometric readings to ensure lamps adhere to tight tolerances For more information please contact

Can I get a service outside of the UK?

Yes, servicing of VeriVide equipment is available in many countries. If you are outside of the UK, VeriVide will try to connect you with your nearest approved and qualified service technician. Complete the Service Request form or email the Verivide Service team on with your location (Country and City) and the cabinet Serial Number, interior paint colour (N5, N7 or 5574), lamp configuration and date of manufacture. For most cabinets, this information is located on a silver label on the inside back wall (left hand corner) of the cabinet, below the lamp deck.  

Where is the Serial Number located?

Your VeriVide cabinet serial number will be located on a silver label on the inside back wall (left hand corner) of the cabinet, underneath the lamp deck. The silver label contains information on the interior surface colour (paint code), as well as the cabinet model, serial number and date of manufacture. The cabinet label may not be present on older equipment or it may have been removed during its lifetime. The model type can be found on the switch panel but not the serial number. On cabinets older than 2003, you may not have a serial number. At the back of the cabinet, where the mains power cable is plugged in there will be a metal voltage badge with a date stamp, you will need to provide this date to the service team along with the model number on the switch panel. If the silver label is missing we may still be able to help you, please bear with us if we ask for additional information or photographs.