Pantone Solid Chips Set

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The PANTONE Solid Chips Set GP1606A contains all 2,161 colours from the PMS system, including the 294 newest colours on both coated and uncoated paper. The 294 new trend relevant PMS colours include more basics and nuance colours such as black, khaki, tan, navy, olive and grey to provide more acceptable matches with the popular colours in the FHI system allowing packaging and brand colours to be aligned with the product. The page numbers relate to the corresponding Formula Guides GP1601A books.

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More usable colours than ever before!

Easy to communicate colour


  • Graphic Designers, pre-press professionals and printers now have a total of 2161 colour choices
  • All of the colours are presented in a convenient chip format that attaches to artwork and digital files for easy and consistent colour communication
  • With seven colours per page and six perforated chips for each colour, the loose-leaf pages make it easy to select, specify and communicate colour
  • Two volumes of ring binders with removable pages ideal as a desktop reference
  • Comes with two Paper Chip Savers for easy storage of loose chips
  • Each page provides 6 tear out perforated chips measuring 2cm x 2cm plus a colour reference for you to keep
  • 2161 solid PANTONE colours, including 294 new trend relevant colours Colour located index
  • Replacement pages will be available for both books


  • Easy to communicate colour by each unique name or number or attaching a chip to your artwork
  • Coated and Uncoated stock on each colour (2 separate books in the pack) to show the different effects
  • More usable colours than ever before
  • Easily matched on press with the new colour being printed using a uniform ink film thickness
  • If you have the corresponding Formula Guide, this provides you with access to the correct Pantone ink formulas

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