Pantone Color Match Card

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The Pantone Color Match Card (PCNCT-CARD) is a portable calibration card (the size of a credit card) that helps to instantly capture colour with your smartphone’s camera and the Pantone Connect App to give the closest match with a Pantone colour.

For all designers who want to capture and record their spontaneous inspiration frequently while on the go. Most cost effective than buying samples.

Works with Pantone Connect for Android and iOS.
Take a photo and match the coloured object, surface, or material to a Pantone Colour!

Use the Color Match Card with Pantone Connect mobile app to capture colour, get the best Pantone match*, and save it to your Pantone colour palettes in the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud® for future designs or to communicate to your team.

Also available in a pack of 25 Units as a cost-effective solution for larger design and buying teams!

*Matches to all current Pantone Colour Systems (PMS™, FHI, CMYK, Skintone). Can provide suggestions for  TPM Metallic Shimmers, PMS Metallics and Nylon Brights but suggested match may be further away.

In stock (can be backordered)


Design on the go

Easy and quick colour specification

Graphics Prints & Inks
Technical Textiles


  • Laminated paper-board card material with a protective sleeve
  • Size equivalent to credit card
  • QR code on the reverse to provide further instructions and information
  • Colour measured via dual illumination (flash & ambient)
  • Colours integrate into Pantone Connect mobile, web, and Adobe® Extension for palette creation and designing in Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools


  • Lightweight and durable to carry it with you everywhere
  • Easier and quicker colour specification and matching to Pantone colour system
  • More accurate reference to Pantone instead of taking a photo with your phone without the card
  • Peace of mind choice to save your chosen Pantone colours for later design
  • Works for both free and paid Pantone Connect accounts

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