Pantone to CMYK Colour Guide Set

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Pantone have updated the CMYK Colour Guide Set, now with a fresh new look and a new SKU GP5101C, this contains 2,868 CMYK colours in a fan guide format, chromatically arranged for intuitive colour browsing and selection. 

The Pantone to CMYK Guide also offers more of what designers have asked for in the past, namely additional in-between colours. These are colours between two existing Pantone colours that help fill in the gaps and provide more unique offerings. These colours are all achievable with CMYK process printing so they are not as bright and saturated as the colours in the Pantone Formula Guide, but the number of choices is larger.

Colours are marked to identify which colours have a PMS Formula Guide equivalent colour. Those colours without an asterisk are unique, meaning they don’t have a close Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot colour equivalent. The Pantone CMYK Guide offers an incredible 1,889 coated and 1,653 uncoated unique colours that have no Pantone Spot Colour equivalent within a colour difference of 2.0 Delta E.

These colours are ideal for branding, packaging, and materials used in smaller brand campaigns where fresh, less exposed colours are desired.

New CMYK Colour Guides are now produced to exacting G7 specifications for more accurate, consistently achievable results in real world printing conditions. The G7 calibrated print process means the colours you pick will closely match colour appearance in your CMYK Guide when proofed or printed using G7 press reference conditions.

Even in Europe, where FOGRA is the esteemed standard, our new CMYK Guides will still yield better results and guidance for designers seeking to convey a creative colour concept. You can now design with greater confidence, knowing that the CMYK colours you choose are achievable on almost any press and will closely match your CMYK book.

And, with Pantone Connect, you can select, save, and share your CMYK colour choices with everyone up and down your design workflow. If you’re a designer in digital, print, branding, or packaging, this guide is for you!

Ideal if you only work with digitally printed materials in CMYK 4-colour process colour.


In stock


Compatible with digital workflows

Printed using earth friendly, ISO-certified inks

Chromatically arranged to easily find desired colours

Graphics Prints & Inks

Thousands of Inspiring, Achievable Colours

Design with confidence, knowing your colors are achievable on almost any conventional or digital press. Pantone’s refreshed CMYK Guide contains a whopping 2,868 CMYK colors, chromatically arranged for more intuitive color browsing and selection.



  • Printed using Earth-friendly, ISO-certified inks
  • Chromatically arranged to easily find desired colours
  • Colour flows light to dark down the page
  • FSC certified papers used throughout Printed at industry standard 175 line screen
  • Delta E 1.75 between colours makes colours distinct and printable
  • G7 workflow was used
  • Comes with color index and lighting evaluation tool
  • Color identification numbers are ordered sequentially by page number and sequence on the page (ex. 2-1, 2-2,…2-14, 2-15, 2-16) to make locating and identifying colours straightforward



  • Ideal way to visualise, communicate and control colours
  • CMYK screen percentages supplied to make them easy for you to reproduce
  • Compatible with digital workflows
  • All colours are reproducible within commercially accepted printing standards
  • 2,868 CMYK colors, 700 more than other PMS Guides
  • Great for print providers, brand managers, and designers

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