Pantone Nylon Brights Set

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The Pantone Nylon Brights Set (FFN100) is perfect for designers who need to develop colours which are brighter than those available in the main Fashion & Home range.

The 21 colours in the Pantone Nylon Brights range feature seven colours which are brighter than can be achieved on cotton and fourteen true fluorescent colours. These shocking bright shades provide designers developing products for fashion or sportswear in nylon materials with an internationally recognized standard for accurate colour selection, specification and reproduction.

Presented on a ring for easy visualisation the swatches measure 2.5cm x 10cm.

If a larger area of colour is required or you just need one or two colours, the individual colours can be ordered as SMART swatches.

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Accurate and effective way to communicate colour

Technical Textiles


  • 21 removable Nylon Color Swatches, which are quick and easy to use
  • Numerically reference and in a loose format measuring 1 1/4″ x 4″
  • 4″ x 4″ swatches are also available to purchase from VeriVide
  • Features BHT-free amber UV pouch, which protects your resource when it is not in use
  • Includes COLOR MANAGER Software FREE download for digital design


  • The most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify colour choices to clients and manufacturers
  • COLOR MANAGER Software enables digital design with all PANTONE colour libraries
  • Nylon Brights Set is the most easiest and convenient way to start up your own colour story
  • Each swatch is easy to identify, as the all provide you with the full PANTONE name and colour number on every one

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